Tumble Dryer
30th December 2015
This is the new tumble dryer we have donated to Shepreth Hedgehog Hospital it is something they were desperate for, with the help of all those that have supported Hettie's Helpers we have been able to buy one. This is why we set up Hettie's and we thank everyone who have help us. There is a lot more we can do to help the Hospital and Home Carers and with everyones support we will do all we can
Dog and Hedgehogs don't Mix
12th December 2015
Last night we had a Hedgehog brought to our house by a family who's dog had come across it in their garden, they thought the dog came off worst but on examining the Hog we did find a small puncture wound. The next morning we took her to Shepreth Hedgehog Hospital for the wound to be treated. Once she is on the mend we will pick her up so she can be released back to where she came from. Thankfully this time it wasn't to bad for either the dog or the Hog. To prevent this sort of incident happening in your garden it would help if you could have a quick look outside and make a bit of noise to give the hogs time to scuttle off before letting your dog out after dark. Your Dog and the Hogs would be grateful i'm sure.

Wednesday 16th December.
We have heard from the Hospital the Hog who we called Curly is doing well, we hope the dog wasn't to badly hurt and is getting over his run in with Curly.
Donate Button Added to our Donations Page
11th December 2015
We have now added a Donate Button to our donations page so if you wish to help us you can do so direct into our Paypal account.
Winter Advice on the What to do Page.
11th December 2015
On the What to Do page.
Hexton JMI School Christmas Fair.
01st December 2015
Hexton JMI School Christmas Fair was a great success for us at Hettie's Helpers our first fundraising event since forming to raise funds to help Hedgehog Hospitals and Home Carers carry on the good work they do. We had a really great day and raised good amount of money and for that we must thank all of the good people who come along to see us.
Hettie and George two of the six young hogs we are caring for came along with us and proved to be a great hit with the children and I think the parents were pleased to see them as well,many of them saying they had not seen a live Hedgehog for a long while. Thank you once again to all at Hexton JMI School for the invitation.

22nd November 2015
These are just some of the wonderful knitted Hedgehogs that Wool-n-Things in Baldock made and kindly donated to us for our fundraising.We would like to thank them for all their hard work.